A December to reflect

Welcome to my Nudes Letter, my apologies for my absence but thanks for your continued interest in this site. A time to catch up with items that I may have missed ...
  • Some items about the naked body that have appeared in my daily tabloid paper, The Sun ...
    1. With plenty of net coverage back in September, this charity event raised "£22,000 for breast cancer research" and "a total of 102 stripped off .. so many the rollercoaster had to run three times to take them all around The Adventure Island park in Southend, Essex [which] was shut during the crocodile-themed Green Scream ride." Under heading of The big stripper the "thrill-seeks are claiming a world record after packing on to a big dipper NAKED", previous "best of 32 was set in 2004 on the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers. Well done to all ! ( 09/09 ).

    2. Wednesday Columnist Jane Moore reflects under heading of LONDON FLASHIN' WEEK "having been at this column lark for nigh on two decades now, I have commented many times on the ever-diminishing outfits being paraded down catwalks, once asking: "Whatever next ? Two bottle tops and a Dairylea triangle ?." As a model stepped out at London Fashion Week wearing nothing but a hat, bag & boots, it seems my prediction was far too conservative."
      The event or model wouldn't have been out of place at the local naturist club ( 22/09 ).
    3. Another paragraph titled YOU'RE KNICKERED tells of "hookers who parade naked from the waist down are being made to cover up in Genoa, Italy." Half satisfied customers ? ( 02/11 ).
    4. Thursday columnist Kelvin MacKenzie tells of doing some self-body assessment when ..
      "I was standing nude looking at myself in the bedroom mirror and turned to my wife and said: "I look old, fat and ugly. I need a compliment." She replied: "Your eyesight's damn near perfect""
      Trust the wife for an honest opinion ( 04/11 ).
    5. A Sun SPOT paragraph claims "a group of young women activists have become a big hit with their TOPLESS protests over issues like domestic violence and corruption in Kiev, Ukraine." A case of body distraction ( 20/11 ).
    6. Must admit of not being a great fan of body-painting, what's the point of getting nude only to be painted to cover everything up ? The paper gives a half page item titled Boobism - MUSEUM WORKER PAINTS USING HER 40E BREASTS to a Russian lady called "Victoria, 26, [who] smears her 40E chest with watercolors or oil-based paint then daubs her work on to canvas or paper."
      Examples of her work are seen and she explains "I'm well endowed and suddenly had the urge to paint using my breasts." Of course you did for Art's Sake perhaps ? ( 23/11 ).
    7. A paragraph headed BUCKS NAKED claims "one in four workers would attend an office party naked for a million pounds, a poll found." Just a million ? ( 11/12 ).
    8. Two items on same day ...

      1. A small bottom page 3 item titled Kel sea sex is top scene and reveals actress "Kelly Brook's naked underwater frolic in Piranha 3D has been voted Top Nude Scene 2010 .. chosen by website MrSkin." The founder describes "the graphic scene saw Kelly, 31, cavorting with porn actress Riley Steele, 23, in the gory horror flick, "The quality of the nude scene was spectacular and stood out far above the rest." Crikey what an expert !
      2. On the center pages of its tv section, a small item with heading of Mad Jan bares all has a b&w photo of Mad Men actress January Jones posing "in the buff for Versace after becoming its new face. The blonde, 32, - Bette Draper in the US hit - had only a bag to cover her modesty." Nude - what a cover-up ! I'm happy to do the male version with a sack of spuds ( potatoes ) if interested ( 16/12).
Hoping to add a few more items before the year end !

Cheers !
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