Catching-up again !

Welcome to my Nudes Letter, thanks as always for your continued interest in this site ...
  • A catch-up edition with a few items about the naked body that have appeared in my daily tabloid paper, The Sun ...
    1. No sooner than poor Hollywood film actress Elizabeth Taylor was laid to rest than this photo titled LIZ LAID BARE of "young Liz Taylor [who] poses nude in an intimate portrait thought to be the only such picture of the star. Liz was 24 when she was snapped by her close friend, Planet of the Apes actor Roddy McDowall." The photo which "was revealed publicly for the first time yesterday." didn't get the full Page 3 treatment by the paper instead appeared as a small page 33 item opposite a full tribute page to trucker Eddie Stobart who also died. How times have changed ( 02/04 ).
    2. A photo, titled IT'S A CASE OF HISS AND MISS, of naked "slinky model Amii Grove serpently knows how to get attention. The Page 3 beauty .. had her body painted like a snake for a campaign by animal welfare charity PETA." Not sure if it's the paint that gets my attention ( 09/04 ).
    3. In the City section a four paragraph item titled A naked struggle reports that "Britain's biggest nudist holiday operator is at the centre of a £40million take-over struggle" It ends that the firm "Travelzest owns Peng Travel which offer the chance of 'being at one with nature' in locations including Crete." Expecting the company's figures to be revealing when audited ( 20/04 ).
    4. A Sun SPOT paragraph tells of "a health club [which] has opened a gym in which members can work out in the NUDE. They are given towels to sit on at the venue in Vizcaya, Spain." Facing up to new trade ? ( 20/04 ).
    5. In the build-up to the Royal Wedding there were some strange stories, none other that bride-to-be Kate Middleton was having dreams that she might turn up naked at the aisle. The paper brought in their Health and Science Editor who told us that "dreams of being naked in public show extreme vulnerability and can denote feelings of being unprepared for a life-changing event."
      Mmmm preferred the paper's cartoonist who has naked Kate watched by hubby-to-be William admiring her charms as the Archbishop says "Quick...Hymn No.318 - 'Lift up thine eyes' ". So all went well on the Big Day ( 27/04 ).
    6. Another Sun SPOT paragraph claims "topless sunbathers face a 500 euros (£443) fine after a mayor pal of PM Silvio Berlusconi brought in a bylaw in Pavia, northern Italy." Is the real sun worth it ? ( 28/04 ).
    7. A photo item of "a man [who] flees naked from a brothel moments after a police raid." The item titled Punter is rat up a drainpipe claims "the frantic punter left his clothes behind as he sprinted across a rooftop .. in Jilin province, eastern China .. followed by a prostitute in just a towel." Guys always keep your pants at arm's length ! ( 30/04 ).

Till the next one, enjoy the sun !

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